A Sprite Engine For Unity That Is Most Performing And Elegant. Now At 2.0.

Welcome to ex2D Sprite Engine For Unity, Now at 2.0

ex2D is a Unity editor extension that provide performing and elegant 2D sprite solution.

We are happy to announce the beta release of ex2D 2.0 - a completely new framework built from scratch.

Fast, lightweight and easy to use - that’s what ex2D excels at.


ex2D 2.0 Features

Join the Beta Now!

Now you can download the beta package of ex2D 2.0. You can test it with full feature but you’re not allowed to publish software or apps with it.

Download ex2D v2.0.1 Beta 8

Important Notice on Compatibility

ex2D 2.0 is NOT Compatible with projects created with ex2D 1.X! Do not import ex2D 2.0 package into your ex2D 1.X project! It will break everything if you insist doing that.

Once we are more sure about the work flow and assets pipeline, we may be able to write migration tool so you can have your ex2D v1.X project upgraded.

If you have any issue or question, please use the following way to get back to us:

Stay Tuned!