exDev Products

ex2D v2.0 Beta (Free)

ex2D v1.2.7 Indie ($35)

If you purchase ex2D v1.2.7 now, you’ll get ex2D v2 license for free and access to all the beta version before it’s officially released!

ex2D Pro ($125)

ex2D Pro license holder will get pull permission to ex2D development repository. So you can easily fork the repo and merge the latest build with your customized code. Pro license also includes license of any further ex2D expansions.

ex2D Pro have 5 seats per license. Means you can have 5 developers working with ex2D Unity extension at the same time. You are allowed to use ex2D Pro in your end-user applications. Only the software which is not distributed in complete source code are allowed to use ex2D Pro.